Dividing mixed numbers | Fractions | Pre-Algebra | Khan Academy

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Divide And write the result as a mixed number in the simplest form 2 1/4/1 3/4 First, since both are Two numbers are mixed, we must convert them To incorrect fractions Let’s start with 2 1/4 The denominator, of course, will remain 4, however Instead of 2 1/4, remember, that is 2 It is the same 8/4 So we have here 8/4, and we also have 1/4 The result is 9/4 Or some other way 4×2 = 8,8 + 1 = 9 Now we come to 1 3/4, and we do the same The denominator will be 4, and The numerator will be 4×1 = 4, 4 + 3 = 7 We did the same process 1 3/4 / 2 1/4 are the same 7/4/9/4 As you have seen in previous videos, the division is by A fracture is the same as when we are inverted This is equal, that way 9/4 x The other inverted fraction We are just changing the process to hit We take the reciprocal of the fraction 7/4 To do this with the 7/4 fraction, we’re going to switch the numerator The denominator, or the number at the top and the number at the bottom So we get 4/7 Now, we can do the multiplication So we say 9×4 = 36 On 4×7 = 28, we put the output in Below, we can do this now and we’ll put the result in The simplest picture We have 4 in the numerator And 4 in the place So let’s do a division The numerator and The denominator is both on number 4 4/4 = 1 And 4/4 = 1 And when we multiply it, 9×1 = 9 On 1×7 = 7 This is how we get the answer On the wrong fracture image What is required is to write the result as a mixed number To do this, we have to perform this process inside Our heads And I think we did this before We say how the result of dividing 9/7? Well, it equals 1, but when we take 7/7 = 1, what is the rest in this case? The rest will be 2, right? 7×1 = 7, the rest 2 That is, we need 2 to get to 9 So the rest is 2, so the final result is 1 2/7 By this we solved the issue

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