Introduction to multiplying decimals | Decimals | Pre-Algebra | Khan Academy

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Multiply Ari 9 by 0.6 We can write in another way. Let’s count 9 times 6: 0.6. we want to understand what this equals և I recommend you pause the video և try to solve it yourself. Let me give you a little advice 0.6 is the 10 divided by the same 6 We know that if we start with 6, we can write 6.0 և Divide by 10 Divided by 10 equals the position of the decimal by one point to the left 6 is equal to 10 divided by 0.6. We move the decimal position one point to the left. I admit that you understood so much. But I have to do the same thing again for our problem. 9 times 6 is the same thing as 9 times, 0.6 is 6 divided by 10 և we could do this expression in the first 6 divided by 10, where would we get 0.6, which would turn into this problem, or, we could write 9 times in the beginning. Let’s count 6 times 9, we know how to count, then divide by 10, which we also know how to count. It’s just a matter of moving the decimal position. Let’s write 9 times 6, which we already know is equal to 54. This is 54. Now, to get the expression, we have to divide by 10 Divide by 10 What happens when we divide something by 10? We saw in previous videos that: This is all a decimal note. Each side represents ten times more than its right, or represents 1/10 of the left position 54 divided by 10 will be … You can start at 54, put a decimal near zero, և Divide by 10. That’s equal to one decimal point left. This will be equal to 5.4 This should be clear to you. 5 times 10 50, 0.4 times 10 4: And it is clear that 54 divided by 10 is equal to 5.4 This is equal to 5.4 It is equal to 5.4 Notice 9 times 6 is 54, 9 times 0.6 is 5.4. You can see something like this here. Between these two numbers, I have exactly one number to the right of the tensor. When I take their product. Suppose we ignore the decimal. Just 9 times 6 I get 54. Then I have to divide by 10 to take into account the decimal. Note that this is not 6, but 6/10. I have one to the right of one decimal place here. I want you to understand if this is a general principle. Can we calculate the product of the numbers to the right of the decimal point? : We get the same product on the right of the decimal point I will let you think for yourself.

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