Introduction to order of operations | Arithmetic properties | Pre-Algebra | Khan Academy

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In this video we will talk a little about the order of performing the actions. And I want you to be attentive, since you believe ANYTHING you will do in math will be based on whether you have a good basis for the order of actions. So what do we say..I mean that what is the order of performing the actions? Let’s take an example. The point here is that there is one way to understand a mathematical expression. Let’s say we have mathematical expressions: 7 plus 3, times 5. And now as if we had not all agreed on the order of actions then there would be two ways of interpreting this expression. We could read it from left to right. So it can be said .. let’s just take 7 + 3. It can be said that 7 + 3 and then multiply this by 5 and we would have 7 + 3 would be 10, and then multiply all this by 5. 10 times 5, we would win 50. So this is a way to understand it if we did not have an agreement on the order of actions maybe it’s natural – just go from left to right. The other way of understanding would be “I like to multiply before I collect” or you can try something different “I do with color 7+ and will initially select 3 times 5 7 + 3 times 5 which would be 7 plus 3 times 5 is 15 … and 7 + 15 is 22. What I mean is that we explained these expressions in two different ways this here was from right to left, doing addition and then multiplication.

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