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– We asked to define the percentage amount and base In this matter And they asked us, 150 is 25% for any number? Do not ask us to solve the problem, but it is very attractive! So what I want to do is answer that question Who originally did not ask us about his solution But first, I want to answer this question Then, we can think about what percentage Amount and base because these are only words These are only definitions The most important thing is the ability to solve An issue like this. So, they say 150 is 25 percent for any number? Or, to put it another way, 150 is 25 percent for a number So let’s consider xx equal to the number Whose 25 percent is 150, right? This is what we need to find 150 is 25% for any number? This number that we see here is “x” This tells us that if we had started with “x”, if we had taken 25 per cent of the number “x” you can imagine, the same thing Like to hit him by 25%, which is the same thing He would multiply it if you display it as a decimal Times 0.25 times x These two phrases are the same So, if you start with that number, take 25 percent of it Or multiply it by 0.25 and it equals 150 150 is 25% of this number You can then solve the unknown: “x” So let’s start with this here Let me write it separately so you understand What I’m doing here 0.25 times a number equal to 150. There are two ways to do this We can divide both sides of the equation by 0.25 Or if you realize that four quarters become a dollar You can say let’s multiply both sides of the equation by 4 You can use one of the two methods I will use the first method because we are what we usually do For math problems similar to this So let’s hit the two sides by 0.25 This will be an “x” And the right side of the equation will be 150 divided by 0.25 The reason is I want to do that This method is a good practice So let’s do that So we want to see what is equal to 150 divided by 0.25 We have done this before. When you divide by a decimal number, what you can do is You make the number you divide by another number You can convert this to a full number Moving the comma two steps to the right But if you do that to the number in the numerator You have to do the same for the number in the denominator So now you can write this as 150.00 If you multiply 0.25 by 100, you move The interval to the right is two steps Then you must do the same for the 150th step It becomes: 15,000 Move it two steps to the right If the comma position becomes like this So 150 divided by 0.25 is the same thing As if you divide 15,000 by 25 Let’s solve it very quickly. So, 25 does not become 1 and does not become 15 She becomes 150, what is this? 6 times, right? If she becomes 100 four times then she becomes 150 six times 6 times 0.25 – or actually, this is now 25 We moved the decimal point The comma is moving to the right to here So 6 times 25 is 150 Pose You have nothing left! Take zero from here. 25 becomes 0 0 times 25 equals 0 I put up There is no rest Take the last 0 25 becomes 0, not once 0 times 25 equals 0 I put up There is no rest 150 divided by 0.25 equals 600 And you may have done this in your mind Because when you were here in our formula, 0.25 x x Equal to 150 you can hit both sides No. 4 4 times 0.25 is the same 1/4, which is a complete number 4 times 150 is 600 So you may reach the solution in one of two ways This makes perfect sense If 150 is 25% for a number, this means that 150 is 1/4 From that number It must be a very small number compared to that number 150 is 1/4 (one fourth) of the 600 Now let’s answer the real question Set the percentage Well that looks like 25%, this is the percentage The amount and the rule in this matter And according to the aforementioned name, I suppose The amount means when you take 25% of the base, they say That is the amount – at best – The amount is equal to the percentage times the base I will write this in green So the rule is the number from which the percentage is taken The amount is the quantity Which represents the percentage. If we see here that the percentage is 25% This is the percentage The number we take from 25% or the base, is “x”. Its value is 600. We found it The amount is 150 This is the amount. The amount is 150. 150 is 25% of the base, from 600 The important thing is how to solve this issue Labels and phrases as you know They are definitions –

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