Subtracting decimals example 1 | Decimals | Pre-Algebra | Khan Academy

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We want to find the result of 9.005-3.6, or it can be considered 9 and 5 per thousand – 3 and 6 per ten Whatever the picture, we will eventually do a subtraction of fractions, and more An important thing, and this also applies to adding decimal numbers Putting commas on one straightness So we have 9.005- 3.6 And I put the dividers on the same straightness, and now we’re ready Let’s ask We can do the subtraction right now We will start from here We have 5- nothing 3.6, or 3 and 6 in ten, can To add to the right of this number is zero, and it will become 3 and 600 per thousand, equivalent to 6 per ten And when you look at it like this, you will say, well, 5-0 = 5 Or you could say, if nothing here Then the problem will be 5 – none = 5 Now we have 0-0 = 0 Then 0-6 And we can’t subtract 0 from 6 So we should put a number in this space here And what we have to do is borrow We’ll take 1 out of 9, to do this We take 1 from the 9, so it becomes 8 And we need to do something with the 1 So we put it in the place of dozens Now remember, the correct tast is 10 per 10 This is the place of dozens So this is going to be 10 Sometimes it is said that we borrow the 1, but In fact we take it, i.e. we take 10 from One status to another So as I said the 1 is true, it is 10 by ten, and we are in the tens place We now have 10-6 Let me change the color 10-6 = 4 And we’re going to drop the decimal point here, then we have 8 -3 = 5 So 9.005- 3.6 = 5.405

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